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Work In Progress

4th December 2021

Hi there! :D

The purpose of this U.M.N. website is to serve as a hub for all kinds of Xeno game related information, links and resources so that they are more easily accessible for people.

I also hope to develop the "community" tab to connect various people in the Xeno fanbase, mainly those who are either content creators, story analysts, artists, other webmasters and so on. Just an idea, but hopefully something will come from it!

Anyway, I am by absolutely no means a regular web developer haha. But despite that, I've felt the motivation to make this site by myself. I don't plan on it being at all fancy or anything and I'm going to keep it fairly simple (I'm sure it's filled with many flaws, mobile viewing of the site is definitely one of them). But I wanted the challenge, and I hope it's alright so far :) If I get truly stuck at any time I hope there's someone out there more familiar with site building that could offer me any sort of guidance :D

Having said that, I hope to get most resources available on here soon, but in the mean time all the resources that will eventually be added here are already fully available on the UMN Discord server! So go ahead an check it out if you need anything or just want to chat :)